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Diversifying production has played a key role in the growth of a company that started manufacturing porcelain and sun glazed tiles products. Today, Sun Power offers a vast selection of products ranging from natural stone, natural wood, cement, decorative, and colors. They are easily accessible through Sun Power's tile collections that offer the latest trendsetting designs infused with the ease of maintenance to be enjoyed in any environment.

Find the right solution for your needs. Choose the surface effect, the kind of setting, the size, or the colour you like most.


Book Match

Sun Power presents a collection of book matches to complement your unique design needs. Bookmatching brings the most wonderful symmetry to any room. We often book match whole walls or floor tiles in bathrooms, but you can get a similarly enormous impact from two walls in a shower. In kitchens, book matching is perfect for achieving a seamless look, especially with wrap around kitchen islands and worktops that run into the wall/ up into splashbacks. Each set of book match products consists of 4 faces facing each other to form certain unique patterns. Inspired by natural marble, each piece in the collection is 120x60, forming a whole pattern with a 240x120 area. The whole book match collections that we have can be installed as the Diamond match too, while book match creates a symmetrical way to match the veining of two slabs of stone so that the veining of the two slabs are closely aligned to mirror each other, like an opened book, diamond match refers to symmetrically matching four slabs of stone so that the veining of the four adjoining slabs align to create either an X pattern or a diamond shape.


End Match

End match collections from Sun Power means creating infinity, never-ending marble patterns. The veins connect at the same point on each tile edge on our tiles, creating an always continuous design. From the multi-faces trends, peoples strive for the multi-faceted nature of porcelain tiles and pursue the diversification of textures when the stone surface becomes common nowadays. However, the ultimate aesthetic of consumers is to make the paving process more detailed. In response to the market, Sun Power present unique attributes of the continuous pattern not only meet the requirements of the upper wall under the space application, the wall tiles are the same as the ground, the connection is continuous, the material is uniform, the color is the same, which brings a natural feeling, and the effect is more simple and simple. Another special thing about this collection is how we rotated and moved these tiles; there would always be a continuous design. It'll be perfect for the large areas such as living room, double room hotel, executive floors, hall, or other large - open areas.


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