Premium Porcelain and Sun Glazed Tiles

Made with ITALIAN Technology


SUN POWER CERAMICS specializes in the design and manufacturing of premium ceramics and porcelain tiles for highend interiors and exteriors. Produced by using the combination of the Italian technologies and the European materials, various design, and uncompromising quality, technologically superior products and dependable services, resulting in a prestigious collection of walls and floorings.

Sun Power Ceramics will continue to assert itself as the supplier of choice in its core product categories through a dynamic company-owned and independent distribution network. By anticipating and delivering inspiring and advanced solutions to the needs of an ever-evolving market, it will maximize value for its shareholders and stakeholders.

Sun Power Ceramics get the Certifications verified the implementation of its quality management system and certified the company in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 with the scope covering the design, development, production, and supply of ceramics and porcelain floor and wall tiles. Indonesian Ceramics Center (BBK) also certified Sun Power Ceramics for ISO 13006:2010 Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles Product Suitability


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At  SUN POWER CERAMICS  SUN POWER CERAMICS , people have always been the dearest asset in our team. Our motivation runs deep in matching the right people to their passion and nurturing these talents. We strive to unlock every staff's hidden potential, unleash their unique talent, and bring them to new heights.

To achieve progress, we must first embrace changes in our own minds and hearts to have self-development. We can ultimately transcend the entire tiling industry through our determination to transform our traditional ways in the tiling business.

Our ambition is to touch everyone's lives, whether it is our fellow staff, the society, or everyone around us. Our ultimate goal is to inspire everyone to be committed to creating a positive impact and contributing to the team's greater good. As the saying goes, "small things can lead to bigger things."

We want to make every aspect relevant with our tagline: CREATE TO INSPIRE

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