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GS 1265311 BM DORATA NERO BOOKMATCH | Granit Glossy | 120x60
GS12600 MATERA WHITE | Granit Glossy | 120x60


Musholla Al Firdaus, Mulur, Sukoharjo, nestled in our community, is a serene sanctuary for prayer and reflection. Its modest yet graceful architecture, adorned with Islamic motifs, creates an atmosphere of reverence. The soft lighting enhances the peaceful ambiance, inviting individuals to connect with their faith in a quiet setting. This sacred space fosters community unity, where neighbors come together for moments of worship and reflection. This musholla using Dorata Nero  Bookmatch tile collection from Sun Power exudes timeless elegance, combining sophisticated design with exceptional craftsmanship. This musholla also using Matera White from Sun Power Ceramics introduces a timeless and clean aesthetic to any space, with its crisp and elegant design that seamlessly blends modern style and versatility




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