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Mil’s Kitchen
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GS 66116 ARGENTO LINEA | Granit Glossy | 60x60
M 66113 LEGNO GRISEO | Granit Matt | 60x60
M 66107 LEGNO GIALLO | Granit Matt | 60x60

Mils Kitchen is an Indonesian modern dining experiences based in Yogyakarta which is headed by a chef named Chef Mili. The restaurant is a simple home concept, by utilizing the rooms in the house and then given a table and chairs. Therefore, the table is limited to only 5 tables with approximately 4-5 seats. Their food menu is Asian & Western food like mushroom soup, balinese grilled chicken, pasta, meat, sushi and many more.

Here the following is the motif used:

The GS 66116 Argento Linea is used in the bathroom space with a bright white gray color to create a clean impression. The M 66113 Legno Griseo and M 66107 Legno Giallo are installed in the dining room to create a natural impression


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