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IIBS Ar-Rahman
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- ORIAGO NERO | Keramik Glossy | 50x50
- ORIAGO BROWN | Keramik Glossy | 50x50

Ar Rohmah Islamic Boarding School Group is an Islamic Education Foundation in Malang, East Java. Located at the near of the mountain, making the atmosphere of the building look cool and calm, suitable as a study area.

Using decorative motifs with sinking details ST5055 Oriago Nero and ST5053 Oriago Brown add an artistic impression. Taking the inspiration from the 'geometric' pattern tiles that peaked in popularity, these visually astounding tiles are the antithesis of boring - plain flooring or facades. Produced from durable tiles and available in two colorful surface designs, Oriago certainly rocks and is guaranteed to turn heads no matter where it's installed! Oriago collection tiles are scored down the middle to create faux grout lines, giving a singular tile the appearance of some smaller tiles. For a pleasing finish, these fake grout lines require grouting, so if you are looking for a matched grout line throughout the installation, we recommend a 2mm joint. In addition, the sinking ink effect used gives a unique impression on the building's facade.

Brown and Black color on the Oriago collections, create the space to avoid the uniformity of color, both in fashion and accessories, as well as in tiles, is a current trend that stands out for its aesthetic effectiveness. If we look in the dictionary for the meaning of monotonous, we can find the adjective boring find, among its various boring, which means that it suffers from always being the same. Nothing is further from the truth when we talk about colour.

A "monotone" space can be filled with different intensities, textures, even graphics, which make it varied, giving it great chromatic and compositional richness. Elegant and very cozy spaces can be achieved if the colors are warm and relaxed; and a very powerful avant-garde design if the colors are intense and energizing. Playing with all the possibilities of a single color is not an easy task, you have to be clear about the objective before starting the project. Nor is it necessary to be excessively purist. We can combine different colors, and the same effect can be achieved so long that one color remarkably predominates.


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