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Nurul Firdaus Mosque
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GS12601 LYRATA NOCE | Granit Glossy | 120x60
GS 12602 LYRATA SAND | Granit Glossy | 120x60

Mosques are the most important places of worship for Muslims. During the special month of Ramadhan and at Eid ul Fitr, Muslims gather at mosques to pray, worship, give thanks and bring themselves closer to God.

Nurul Firdaus Mosque is a mosque that adapts the concept of the Middle East from its interior and exterior aspects. Located in Klaten, Central Java, the combination of traditional and middle eastern building styles becomes a harmonious mix.

Using the Lyrata collection in almost all parts of the mosque, a warm atmosphere is created from the tonality of the colors.

GS12601 Lyrata Noce in brown and GS12602 Lyrata Sand. in Beige.

Lyrata is a collection of marble, porcelain tile motifs with 120x60 and a glossy finish from Sun Power Ceramics.

Lyrata Collection has a rich chromatic range of earth tones. Its beautiful brown shades transmit calm and comfort to luxury environments and connect our senses with nature.

The tonal variety of its veins is not to be left behind. By adapting the brown marble design, details can have colors as different as white or coral.

Everything in Lyrata Collection suggests authenticity and unmatched warmth. The coriaceous aspect of Lyrata Noce and Sand, together with its white veins, creates an atmosphere of well-being, serenity, recollection, and pleasure for the senses.

Lyrata Noce embellishes any project. It looks spectacular on the interior or exterior walls and floors. This can also use it in bathrooms or kitchens. While Lyrata Sand wears a unique earth-toned base on which floats a large number of root-shaped veins vestiges.


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