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GS 1261203 VITTORIA BRUNO | Granit Glossy | 120x60
GS126303 LUMINOUS WHITE | Granit Glossy | 120x60
DF 60242 DJAVA GRIS | Keramik Matt | 60x60
G60123 SIENA IVORY | Keramik Glossy | 60x60

This residential project, located in Jember, East Java, uses a mix of products from Sun Power Ceramics. Porcelain tiles and ceramics collection.

Flooring is one of the most critical aspects involved. Floor tiles can completely transform the entire look and vibe of a space. Therefore, it is essential to understand the different types of tiles that can be used as flooring. In addition, select the right tile size based on the room. For example, bathroom floor tiles and kitchen floor tiles can be smaller, whereas bedroom floor tiles and living room floor tiles are better when more prominent in size, as already applied to this residential project area. Home floor tiles' design can make a massive difference in the overall look of your space.

The facade of the house uses a collection of 120x60 glossy polished porcelain tiles, GS121203 Vittoria Bruno. Vittoria Bruno is one of the premium collections from Sun Power Ceramics, an adaptation of exotic marble. Integrating unfamiliar marble walls into luxury interiors results from a refined search for the taste to travel and the adventurous spirit. It expresses a, somewhat hedonistic, desire to enjoy unique, evocative, and very personal environments.

The floor area uses an infinity pattern collection from the GS126303 Luminous White motif, porcelain tile with a glossy polished finish that gives a decorative effect without trying too hard. This motif is very suitable to be applied to a large room. Then who can resist the beauty search? It is something innate in the human being. And thinking about this concept, we turn our attention to a figure that could perfectly embody this passion for aesthetics by using the Luminous White motif.

The corridor and pavilion areas use decorative matt ceramic motifs DF60242 Djava Gris. At the same time, kitchen areas are using G60123 Siena Ivory and ST5053 Oriago Brown.

Famous for their durability and easy-to-maintain properties, Sun Power Ceramics tiles are the perfect choice for hardworking homes. They're also great at adding texture and color as well as patterns of which we've seen more of in recent years. That said, it can be a bit of a minefield as to how to use them especially with the abundance of choice available.


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