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Located in the beautiful and cool mountain area of Dieng - Central Java, the Office of the Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Office of Wonosobo has a new building concept that still maintains its cultural authenticity. It can be seen from the style of the building, which has a low roof - resembling a Joglo, a typical building of Central Java.

Using several porcelain tile motifs from Sun Power Ceramics with a size of 60x60, supporting the building concept according to the user's wishes.

Dominating the entire floor of the building, some of the Sun Power Ceramics motifs used are:

GS66141 Ravena Natural is a collection of porcelain tiles with a glossy polished surface. Installed on the entire floor of the main room, meeting room, to several other multi-purpose rooms. The adaptation of the marble design with bright colors makes the room look wider, but also doesn't seem monotonous. Vein details and varied vein sizes make the Ravena collection look dynamic.

M66147 Imperial Grigio, is one of the Porcelain Tile collections with a matte surface. Carrying the same theme as the Ravena collection, the Imperial Grigio motif is an adaptation of the marble design with fusion cement as its unique point. With a dark color, and a matte surface, Imperial Grigio is installed in all outdoor areas and stairs. Not slippery but still skin friendly, making the Imperial collection one of the motifs that are often used as the main choice in every building project.

GS66309 Polos Black, is a plain black Porcelain Tile with a glossy polished surface. Often used as accessories or plaster on floors and walls, Polos Black also takes the same part in this building. The solid black color without spots makes Polos Black one of the premium collections that can increase contrast in a room.


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