January 2021

BCI Media Group is the leading provider of building and construction information globally with 21 offices across 10 countries and reporting on construction projects across 14 countries.

BCI Asia is an Indonesia-based firm that provides construction information, project leads, and an online CRM solution to building product suppliers, contractors, and related organizations within Southeast Asia’s construction industry. BCI Asia has offices in ten countries, including Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Hong Kong, and Vietnam.

Their expertise is to research and report construction projects within the public and private sectors, from concept design and planning stages to documentation, tender, awarding contracts, and construction commencement. Their complimentary business services combined with their core project leads product aims to provide marketing and sales alignment for their members by finding and engaging with the target audience easily and at the right time. They provide the avenues, services, and tools for their members' sales and marketing teams to work together efficiently and take a collaborative and strategic approach to build the business.

With this overall background, Sun Power Ceramics began to open opportunities for collaboration with BCI Asia, starting with participating in the BCI Equinox Event and FEX in 2019.

* Sun Power Ceramics with BCI Programme at ARKONIN

FEX stands for FuturArc Exchange & Exhibitions an offline event that is much in demand by young architects.

The previous name - BCI Interchange City Series (ICS), now an event held for architects and designers in countries where BCI Asia is located to share the latest ideas, has changed its name to FuturArc Exchange & Exhibitions (FEX). FuturArc itself is BCI Asia's award-winning magazine that focuses on eco-friendly architecture and design.

This name change is one of FuturArc's commitments in green architecture. With this, FuturArc aims to bring together active industry players, forward-thinking leaders, and experienced professionals worldwide to discuss various topics on sustainability and highlight green building case studies for participants through a series of exhibitions, presentations, and workshops. In line with the concept and plan, Sun Power Ceramics is committed to continuing the collaboration in the long term, until 2024.

* Sun Power Ceramics with BCI Asia Event

Simplifying the specification process, Archify is a transparent platform designed to showcase the diversity of products and technologies within the building and construction industry. An all-in-one digital platform for specification, Archify is the correct source of design inspiration. Access to the technical and specification information, including BIM/CAD files, industry certifications, and much more. Customers can be connected directly with suppliers through Archify direct inquiry features for expert advice and technical support. Sun Power Ceramics has various active online platforms to enable direct interaction with the audience, not only one-way but also two-way interactions - with various contexts from informative to applicable. With the ease of product search, complete features, and product exploration that allowed us to be closer to the audience, Sun Power Ceramics decided to collaborate with BCI Asia through the offline platform and the online platform.



So there are many facilities you can get from Archify to create and share your vision with tailored design tools:
- My Library – save brands, products, and supporting technical information to your own personal product library to keep a collection of your favorites handy at all times.
- Design Folders – organize product choices and project images in folders and sub-folders for current and future projects.
- Moodboards – collate your design ideas on customizable collages using product and project images with various in-built editing tools.
- Spec sheets – download ready-made specification documentation for your projects with all supporting technical information (doc.).

As people’s skillsets get increasingly specialized, collaboration as a practice becomes more important than ever. But what does that mean exactly? What is collaboration? Although “collaboration” has become a bit of a corporate buzzword, that doesn’t mean that it’s an empty cliche. Collaboration is when a group of people come together and contribute their expertise to benefit from a shared objective, project, or mission. However your organization collaborates, it does so all the time, constantly (even now). In fact, collaboration is so ingrained in the way people work nowadays that we rarely even notice when we’re doing it. The organizations that collaborate well are likely to be more financially successful, more culturally aligned, and have higher engagement rates.

That's why reaching a new era conveys insight and information; Sun Power Ceramics collaborated with Indonesian architects organizations and associations and presented new quality programs that benefit everyone, especially professionals.