January 2021

Indonesian Architects Association (IAI) East Java Province is the only recognized professional association state in carrying out functions and the role of the architectural coaching profession in world of architecture and construction in Indonesia.

Starting from the results of discussions and long thoughts at the end of 2020, Sun Power Ceramics, together with the East Java chapter of IAI, decided to collaborate by launching several excellent programs in various a good program of activities to be followed by members and the general public who has an interest in the architectural profession and the world of architecture and construction in Indonesia. The following are some of the IAI programs with Sun Power Ceramics, which will start launching in February 2021:

- Sun Power Ceramics is a sponsor for the IAI Jatim Awards program (an award program for architect members of IAI East Java Province for the work he produces through the curation process and judging by architects professionals at different levels (regional East Java, national and international). The community is also involved in providing input for the jury in choosing nominations, through the media social), AMRA / A More Responsive and More Responsible Architecture (an international forum, as a media Joint learning with the speakers international architects in 7 episodes of the show with different speakers:
• Mumbai Studios *
• Boonserm Premthada *
• A21 Studio * • Sexual * • Francis Kere *
• Marina Tabassum *
• ZAO / standard architecture),
PIC (Content reportage and interviews with duration of 15 min which raised the profile a person in charge in a project. Resource persons are selected according to the experience profile and projects with certain criteria. The output is a video that will be posted on IAI Province's YouTube channel and social media Other East Java such as Instagram), HUNIAN - HUNIAN (Reportage content and interviews with a duration of 15 min, about a project with all its details at work by IAI member architects. It tells every important part of each project, both from technical, material, design, etc. This content will be one of the mainstay content that will be posted on every social media IAI East Java Province), #sinaumaneh (A learning program and discussion online, which is open to IAI members, students and academics alike discuss theories and views in the world of architecture. This program has been running for 5 the month with 10 editions, range participants from all over Indonesia and neighboring countries).

* IAI compilation progamme

Sun Power Ceramics collaborates with IAI East Java for several flagship programs, namely P.I.C and Hunian - Hunian. The two programs will always be updated every 2 weeks on IAI East Java and Sun Power Ceramics's social media platforms. Both programs are educational programs that can provide additional insights, inspiration, and new insights for professionals and audiences from the general public. With a slick presentation of material from the East Java IAI team and an aesthetic visual presentation from the Sun Power Ceramics team, these two programs are worth waiting for with different topics, materials, and sources for each episode.

As noted earlier that P.I.C is a 15 min long program that raises the profilea person in charge in a project. The selected resource is an experienced professional architect because, in this case, the architect is one of the experts who contribute determine in the field of engineering and are expected to play a role in building design and engineering professionals. This professional ability is one of the important requirements to compete freely in this era of globalization. Insights Architects who are professionally able to appreciate and pouring ideas and ideas coherently in a unified development process systematic, with the predictable mastery of build abilities and design abilities will be able to thoroughly and coherently carry out the entire development process, which continues. The insight into a particular project, which, of course, has the respective criteria, will be useful for the audience to better understand the projects before getting directly involved in the design process. Because, of course, a project has to do not only with aesthetics but also with its users' safety - that's why we hope this program will benefit all.

For the next program, namely Hunian - Hunian, which is the content of the reportage and interviews with a duration of 15 min, about a project with all the details at hand by the IAI member architects, as well as telling every important part of each project, both from technical, material, design, and others. Detailed exploration on each project, how to strategy and

* Youtube Channel: Sun Power Ceramics & Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia Jawa Timur

* Youtube Channel: Sun Power Ceramics & Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia Jawa Timur

phases continued development, how an Architect applies the principles of design and engineering principles building so that it becomes one the unity of the development process systematic, as well as what the stages will be determine success design and engineering the building is the main treatment in this program.

* Youtube Channel: Sun Power Ceramics “Inspire Corner”

- Besides, another form of collaboration is the Chairman of IAI East Java's participation, Mr. Kalson, to talk with Sun Power Ceramics as a resource for our routine program: Inspire Corner. Carrying a light theme that can be enjoyed by various segments of the audience. Starting from IAI itself, problems that often arise in society related to architecture and buildings, legal basis, to synergies and concrete steps to advance domestic producers' competitiveness.

The Right Partner, The Right Process

This series of programs is just the beginning. Given that with the growing development of technology and the massive digital world, the public is increasingly thirsty for information. So, things that might have been missed in the past periods now become interesting learning material. Establishing collaborative practices is of particular importance in the projects. They are likely to involve bringing together many diverse disciplines, many of which will not have worked together before. They are also likely to involve coordinating and integrating a great deal of complex information, procedures, and systems.

The project structures have evolved from straight-forward client-architect-consultant relationships to more integrated structures, early engagement of the supply chain, and sub-contractor and supplier design.

So far, the major topics discussed in the Supplier‐contractor collaboration relationship in the construction industry are aspects of partnering (conditions, characteristics, and barriers/obstacles) and (sub)contracting/procurement issues (practices, selection criteria, performance, and characteristics). That actually can be more; the architect does see a need to develop closer and more collaborative relationships with their suppliers: The future of collaborative relationships between Sun Power Ceramics and the IAI East Java chapter with the theme "The Spaces" is our mutual hope to create a creative space for all social elements (doc.).

As people’s skillsets get increasingly specialized, collaboration as a practice becomes more important than ever. But what does that mean exactly? What is collaboration? Although “collaboration” has become a bit of a corporate buzzword, that doesn’t mean that it’s an empty cliche. Collaboration is when a group of people come together and contribute their expertise to benefit from a shared objective, project, or mission. However your organization collaborates, it does so all the time, constantly (even now). In fact, collaboration is so ingrained in the way people work nowadays that we rarely even notice when we’re doing it. The organizations that collaborate well are likely to be more financially successful, more culturally aligned, and have higher engagement rates.

That's why reaching a new era conveys insight and information; Sun Power Ceramics collaborated with Indonesian architects organizations and associations and presented new quality programs that benefit everyone, especially professionals.