December 2020

The National Association of Indonesian Consultants (INKINDO) is the Association of Consulting Service Companies in Indonesia.

A factory tour is an organized visit to a factory to observe the products being manufactured and their work processes. Manufacturing companies offer factory tours to improve public relations.

In this case, Sun Power Ceramics also invited INKINDO to go on a factory tour to start a new collaborative relationship. This is great for Sun Power Ceramics partners to learn more about the product and the whole production process to increase trust for long-term collaboration and knowledge of Sun Power Ceramics products by taking a Sun Power Ceramics plant tour in Mojokerto, Indonesia.

Lasting about an hour and thirty minutes, the exclusive factory tour includes a welcome

The factory visit was also published in the 14th edition of INKINDO magazine pages 28-29, which stated that "Consultants work in regional thought and if creativity. Therefore it is necessary input by adding insight. Also, need intake of ideas for sharpens creativity. The input is not only from formal education or take the webinar. Look directly in the field also is one concrete way to open horizons knowledge and experience.

The good synergy created between INKINDO and Sun Power Ceramics covers events and is limited to knowledge on the ceramic production process and includes future development plans as we all know that the material selection in a project must always be adjusted to the location set. Tiling has a big enough role in this. With a continuous synergy, Sun Power Ceramics will always provide the best consultants from the factory to guide how a tile should be applied and adapted to the room. Both in terms of motifs, colors, surface, to product resistance to certain locations. It is hoped that there will be more and more field practitioners who are aware of the proper and correct application of tiles, thus creating support for quality project development both in terms of durability and visually (doc.).

As people’s skillsets get increasingly specialized, collaboration as a practice becomes more important than ever. But what does that mean exactly? What is collaboration? Although “collaboration” has become a bit of a corporate buzzword, that doesn’t mean that it’s an empty cliche. Collaboration is when a group of people come together and contribute their expertise to benefit from a shared objective, project, or mission. However your organization collaborates, it does so all the time, constantly (even now). In fact, collaboration is so ingrained in the way people work nowadays that we rarely even notice when we’re doing it. The organizations that collaborate well are likely to be more financially successful, more culturally aligned, and have higher engagement rates.

That's why reaching a new era conveys insight and information; Sun Power Ceramics collaborated with Indonesian architects organizations and associations and presented new quality programs that benefit everyone, especially professionals.